Sunday, July 26, 2009

Now this is something you don't see every day

A lefty calls Oracle/Truth a kool aid drinker


Matt Rose said...

Truth, I'm sorry to post this here and be off topic... BUT! I do want you to see it..

TRUTH 101 said...
"Matt: I have never represented myself as anything other than what I am. A Democrat. A small time party supported and Union man.
I will rot in hell before apologising for being any of those things.
If you have a problem with my style, join the club. Oh, and of course. I never have figured out what you're about Matt"

You have never figured out what I am about?
Why, because i supported Obama in the election and I DARED to say that I have many doubts about him and his policies NOW?

Because I dared to have some regrets about him now? Well Truth, I have some news for you old buddy, I am not a kool-aide drinker or am I a blind follower of ANYBODY! Not for Liberals like myself or republicans or to anybody else. Yes I do have some doubts about Barack Obama now, MANY doubts. You questioned me because of what I wrote about his idiotic interfearance to the Professor gates and the policeman story! Well I still believe he was out of line and that he was wrong to put his big mouth into a situation that the president of the USA should stay out of.
I think that his Health care bill is a disaster as ar so many of his other bills. And I disagree with is decision on closing Gitmo. Look at what he has done on an issue-by-issue basis, generally speaking Americans are unhappy with what Obama is doing on a host of issues. As am I. None of it makes sense.
So maybe I WAS wrong in supporting him! So maybe I don’t support him any longer. So what? Am I a traitor because he fooled me? I have only one short life and I kinda like to live it the way I want. Not the way some socialist wants me to. Yes I do think that he is a socialist and that we are headed down that path, and I for one do not like it. And it’s not only me that thinks that way, Obama's approval rating are plummeting daily. If you can’t see that then you go right ahead and write blogs about how bad Bush was. But we can not blame Bush forever. It’s time to be honest with ourselves. As citizens we get the government we deserve.
It is funny how everyone here is either pointing fingers at George Bush or Dick Cheney or at Sarah Palin or at Rush Limbaugh, when we should be pointing fingers at us, we Americans. We created this mess we put Obama in office. George Bush didn't and George Bush as bad as he was did not create this mess we are in today.
Christ, how it pains me to say it, and to admit that I was wrong. My friend, I would like to take these last few moments of stubborn close-mindedness to say that it's been an honor to dig myself into this hole with you.

July 26, 2009 8:37 AM

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