Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tips for contract negotiations part 1

As your Uncles , brothers , or cousins sit down to hammer out new City contracts . Hold the line , demand to see real cost cutting of Governmental waste . No proof of true cost cutting measures , then hold the line .

Next be prepared to offer cuts that can be lived with :

Area #1 : Garbage -recycle pick up

We can bid this out to competitive companies of Allied and Area .

Yes we will have a loss of job descriptions , but with the true cost - savings we can shift those effected into spots in sewers , trees, water etc . This is not a zero sum gain , but a real politic move . The savings may be enough for the effected "Union" brothers to save their job .

Next look for areas of waste in your own job descriptions . For instance can't the back hoe operator also help pour concrete ? Yes , this is a very much open market idea and not totally Union , but it is time for evolution . You will offer up true job cost time savings . You might also free up enough time and man power to create a " roving crew" , this group can be a rapid reaction group that can multi job . One day Tree service may need an extra crew or the next day water- sewer .

So for today we have offered a free market approach to the Union structure as a path to job retention . In the coming days we will offer more ideas for you to toss at pops or Uncle Steve . You can ignore these and face the rough and brutal negations that are coming , then blame the Republicans .

Or you can adapt and evolve and place an added value to those kick ass green t-shirts and show that Union Difference .

I am pretty sure you will " blah blah f*** Tookie " to just get eaten alive by Poppa , Cousin or Unka Steve . Then you will some how blame us at the desk .

p.s. : It helps to follow the CDL rules and not to leave old people on buses , but I think that point is pretty clear these days . We just wanted to remind you about it as a PSA

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