Sunday, December 27, 2009

The WTF files : GREDF and the Whig

"In Adams County, the unemployment rate grew to 8.1 percent in November, but that was the 11th-lowest rate in the state.

"We went into the slowdown with a lot of momentum ... and now, we're trying to ride this thing out," said Jim Mentesti, president of the Great River Economic Development Foundation. "This will carry over into 2010, but how long we don't know. There are still local businesses growing and expanding, but it's just slower and more methodical than it was before.

"I know some of our detractors don't like to hear it, but we continue to do considerably better than most areas of the state and the Midwest. It's a challenge, but we're winning the challenge."

True as that night be, it did little to soften the blow to numerous individuals and families across the region whose livelihoods were affected by job losses, furloughs or downsizing." ( credit Steve E and the 12-27-09 Whig)<--- look I credit some one's work *shake n bake baby

I as a DETRACTOR think the spin machine is running low on gas, electric , hydro power , and all other things that could run it other than bullshit , we seem to have truck loads of bullshit .

I am shocked that the Whig would print this , actually floored .

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