Saturday, January 2, 2010

Every new year we get new laws BUT why

We already have laws for distracted driving , yet now we have some cell phone law . Why ?

We have laws that cover damn near everything , but some ass hat thinks we need new laws .

The nanny state is really annoying . Lets get back to basics of Civil society . Lets look at the job of the Police . Why should Government make more and more reason's for the Police to stop a person ? Doesn't this in reality make the Police more the aggressor in the eyes of the public than the defender ?

I really think all of the laws make the job of the men and women in blue more difficult . Distracted and improper driving are on the books , cops are smart enough that the government doesn't have to make more stuff .

That first house wife popped on Maine Street will start a negative campaign that doesn't progress the ball forward . What we will see is less , "thank god the Police are here" and more " oh shit a cop what I am I doing wrong" .

Public policy has hit the low point . I used to see ISP on the highway and think , great to see them incase someone has a blow out or an accident . Now I think , revenue police .

I have informed many young people that QPD guys aren't the jack booted thugs they think they are . I have told them to do the three rules .

1. don't resist

2. don't mouth them

3. know your rights

We are actually really lucky to have very quality people at City and County . I still laugh about a Deputy asking if my young in law was slow . Funny as hell and the guys ended up solving the case .

I also remember years back QPD lecturing a drunken Cowboy after a bar fight for hitting a teacher . You should have seen the cowboy , the guy was just ashamed of his actions . I hope it stuck in his head , but one never knows . It was just kind of that weird real world lectures you will remember for life .

I have noticed after much negative public feed back , Quincy wasn't the state home of seat belt tickets . This shows willingness for adapting . I wonder if everyone of the folks in law enforcement don't get worn out with new and improved laws to enforce.

In general I think we need to have legislation review all the laws and get rid of redundant ones . We need also to review obsolete laws . We need to inject some common sense into the system .

Perfect example is our new cab ordinance , this law might be tops of the hot mess laws of the year .

I still find discretion is king from the police , DA's , and the judges . I also find that discretion is where justice is found . For a non-lawyer I find myself enjoying reading the law . I also think Judge Walden's words to the DWI kid really should be read .

Rant is done

I just had to vent about all the ass-hattery going on in Quincy , Springfield , and DC .

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