Sunday, August 29, 2010

LaRouche folks are NUTS , but this is WRONG

First of all this is wrong on so many levels . Alaska needs to be firing folks . First should be the State Trooper who should know better . If indeed he is a trooper then he needs a Con Law class while he is unemployed .

I have no skin in the game with LaRouche folks , but wrong is wrong . Maybe Rodney can write about how super cool public employees are in Alaska as they crap on the Supreme laws of the land .

I have a feeling in NJ , Chris Christy would bring the Chain Saw to the about to get job cut party . I think Police agencies nation wide should refresh themselves .


Pretty thin rope saying STATE FAIR ground is private property , I will be interested watching this play out .

I still find the actions of the State Trooper most disturbing because of his crowd control threats . Now he could have said " hey let me get control of this situation then we can talk "

Or "give us some space and when back up arrives , lets review your camera "

Instead he went full I HAVE a badge , shocked he didn't issue a loud radio ticket .

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