Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Years and tidbits learned

The media on a local , state , and national level has failed to do their job .

A few dedicated folks can and do make a difference .

The local political machine is under decay and near death .

A yellow flag flying means friends are near .

Chicago is a place that just doesn't get it , no matter how you try and enlighten them .

10 am on WTAD is a must listen , now .

Quincy found out how to play football ( both schools )

Teachers Unions suck ( I knew it already but that phone banking for Hare sealed it )

The Whig will praise Sen. Sullivan ( soon to have Ret. after his name ) every time he wants to raise taxes and fees .

Bernie @SJR is clueless and biased

Facial hair faired really bad this cycle ( cough Spring cough shave )

The Union Difference made no difference .

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