Friday, April 2, 2010

Ouch Hare political pain level still at code Red

From my Buddy Moe Lane @ Red State

Followed by Allahpundit @hotair "Yeah this guy again"

Hare has been JAWA Reported , when the Anti Jihadis find you , your F***ed big time

Followed by hitting the FULL Fox Prime time cycle on a GREAT Friday

Note to Phil : Old media is falling apart , they are turning on you to try and whore themselves for links . When QCOnline and WGEM (evil empire) run anti-Hare stories , your proper F***ed .

I hope you enjoyed a full "Spring" treatment in Quincy

I would blame him , if not for the Mayor's ass hattery the wheels in motion would not be spinning .


RT @andylevy: From looking at him, I'm guessing Rep. Phil Hare knows the words to the Big Mac jingle better than he knows the Constitution.

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