Saturday, April 3, 2010

Phils day of suck : Groundhog day edition

Hare gives us the finger , stay classy playa stay classy h/t Gateway reader (one of the 125,000 daily)

Hare goes viral as a sad sad joke , but we here knew that already .

Also things to note :

1. He is making the "boulder" sound like it just happened , yet it was a rash of vandals last week .

2. He got his "first" threat faxed to him , YET in Politico last week he had that whole " Congress under assault" article

3. Camp Hare is trying like mad to spin local media , problem is the NATIONAL media has gone MMA over this .

127,000 views and counting and a Full Fox cycle

OUCH The Professor weighs in AGAIN ! Now Instapundit has HUGE numbers , also the Fox News prime time leads all news channels . So many eyes and minds see the real Hare .

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